“They Can’t Take That Away from Me!”

The Blog Azeroth shared topic this week is:

What are the top three items on your main that you just love for sentimental, fun or silly reasons and would hate to lose? Tell us a story, what makes them so special and as always illustrate with screenshots

Suggested by Cymre

I found this a little difficult because my current “main” has only been my main for the last six or so months. Thus I’m going to cheat slightly. For the vast majority of my WoW playing time, my main has been the same class, just not the same character. So here are my top items from the banks of my three Priests, the things that I’d hate to lose (and yes, I can’t count either :D).


  • Benediction was an obvious choice for Erinys. Looking back I think that receiving it was one of her defining moments, the second she started to develop a personality of her own and become something slightly different to just an extension of me.
  • Next up, her Val’anyr. Now I’ve had a love hate relationship with my legendary ever since the first shard was master looted into my bags. On the one hand, especially in light of what they have done for other legendaries, it seemed like an after thought. No RP and no flavour. On the other hand, I only joined the guild which gave it me two weeks before Ulduar was released and as soon as one of the officers who had been with the guild for considerably longer had his, I was given the next one. Being picked for something over other people who have been around longer is always a lovely feeling.
  • Finally her Frostwolf trinket. Over the years, Erinys has spent an awful lot of time in Alterac Valley, in fact all my Priests have and this is a memento of that time.


  • Dreamseeker Dandelion. Sprout loves this off-hand. When I was a little girl, my Grandmother was really into the language of flowers. From never putting red and white roses together unless you want their colours to be recreated in the blood and bandages surrounding a loved one to sending us laurel leaves and white heather before exams to bring us good luck. So this always makes me think of her.
  • The Darkmoon Balloon is one of my favourite pets. I love how “Children of the Corn” Sprout looks running around in PvP with this trailing in her wake.
  • I’ve also had a lot of fun popping down my Romantic Picnic Basket. It adds a certain style to the proceedings when you’re camping someone.


  • Dorn was primarily a PvP character but she needed something else to wear for the odd Molten Core and ZG runs. So I went in search of the Truefaith Vestments pattern. Lots of Stratholme runs later, it was mine. I think it’s up there with the Mooncloth robes as a definitive Priest robe.
  • Battle Tabard of the Defilers. General Dornröschen is exalted with all three of the original battlegrounds but AB was the hardest to get therefore she wears their tabard with pride. In fact she’s the only one of my character who actually wears a tabard outside of rep farming. The fact that it matches her favourite pet and hair colour is just icing on the cake.
  • Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas. This is the trinket which came out of the Priest version of the Dire Maul book “Holy Bologna: What the Light won’t tell you“. I always wondered just what Shadow Priest Allister felt the need to tell us. Something along the line of “healing sucks, go shadow and melt faces” perhaps. Back in Vanilla both Dorn and Erinys spent a lot of time in Dire Maul, farming mp5 gear as well as helping our MT get his sword so again it represents a lot of happy WoW memories for me.

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  2. I have Benediction but I did the chain after the staff was current (being a BE) so I don’t have the sentiment towards it besides appreciating the fact that I have it. It also took me 2 summons to get the “saving peasants” part done as I did it at a highly populated time (so I suffered enough lag to fail) and since it took a while for the NPC to come back I waited until it was ~5am (server) in the morning to try again which worked for me,

    That AB tabard is one of the best looking tabards in the game IMO but I haven’t farmed the rep for it yet…

    • Good luck with the tabard farming. AB rep is really something Blizzard need to look at. I think it’s something like 600 wins these days to get exalted. I know my Gnome just got her 100 wins achievement this morning and she’s only 3k into honored 😦

      I did my Benediction quest at 5am ish too. Was a PvP server with a lot of ganking going on and there was no way I wanted a Horde raid group getting in my way.

  3. I didn’t do this shared topic because I didn’t think there was anything I’d really miss. But then I saw you wrote Val’anyr and I remembered that is the one thing that I don’t want to lose.

    • I think my main reason for not wanting to lose it, is the thought of replacing it makes me want to hide in a corner. So many clears with only one fragment at a time 😦

  4. I skilled up tailoring on my priest especially to get that robe, I no longer have tailoring but I wouldn’t want to lose it either.

  5. Dorn looks so lovely in her matching finery. I couldn’t come close to narrowing it down, didn’t even manage to decide what my ten favorite things were but I’m ready for the next shared topic!

    • Thank you. I struggled a bit picking stuff and almost added in things belonging to other characters but forced myself to hold back.

  6. I think my bunny ears, I love holiday items that I’ve saved over the years… Now if they’d just let me transmog them 😦 I can’t really think of much off the top of my head, maybe a tonk my brother made me about three years ago when he still played, a love letter from my husband in the bank, LOL.

    • I love the holiday stuff too, I wish they’d add a separate bag slot for novelty items or make them part of the spell book. For example the Little Wickerman should be part of the cooking tab rather than taking up bag space.

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