Why I beta test: A Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

The shared topic over at Blog Azeroth this week is:

Are you playing the MoP Beta? Why or why not? How much time are you spending there vs. the “live” servers. 

suggested by Frinka of Warcraft Street.

I’m one of those people who hate surprises, partly because I’m a total control freak and partly because I have rather expressive face. Birthday parties used to be a nightmare as I’d try and rearrange my features into something resembling a smile as I opened yet another bunch of weird and wonderful presents from people who should really know better. As a direct result of this, I still have a bad habit of sneaking a peek into presents before they are “officially” handed out just so I know what I’m getting and can prepare appropriately.

So yes, of course I’m playing the Beta. I’m not playing a huge amount at the moment but then I’m not spending that much time in Azeroth either right now. At the start I was fairly dedicated, running dungeons, trying out the new Panda start zone and questing as much as possible however life has got in the way a bit and I’m basically playing with pet battles and pretending I’m a farmer.

The idea of having to do it all again doesn’t faze me in the slightest, I’d rather have to do it twice but know what to expect than run in with my eyes shut. Whether we like it or not, Mists is going to come rolling out and thus playing the Beta, along with reading forums/blogs and the like is the best preparation we can do.

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  1. LOL! I’m imagining you putting on your birthday game face! I do so know what you mean. It helps to be prepared to avoid any inadvertent scowls of horror on opening presents!

    • It’s also handy for pesky meetings at work when you know your boss is going to say something idiotic 😀

      On my 21st birthday I was drunk by the time I started opening presents, bad move…. by the fourth crystal decanter my expression was…. priceless. One day I might even post a picture of it, although it doesn’t show me in a particularly good light so I might not. I’m sort of sneering/smirking clearly thinking “wtf!!!!1!”.

  2. I’m glad people like you exist so people like me can have a good experience once the expansion goes live!

    I hear you on not being a fan of surprises otherwise though. I explicitely told my husband and best friends that I didn’t want a bridal shower because I hate surprise parties and when they insisted on having one anyway, I told them that they had to tell me the date so I wouldn’t actually have to deal with the surprise. I had a bad experience with a surprise party as a kid, so I was much happier that way!

    • I concur with Faye’s sentiments.

      As far as surprises go – not a fan of them either, I guess. I have already steeled myself against the kicks I am going to give to myself because I didn’t prepare better. But, things in real life will be shifting for me again soon, and I do want to see some new things. What I really love is that we players have a choice, unlike so many things.

      Life doesn’t always give us gift receipts, dammit!

      • @Faye
        Totally sympathise. I didn’t want a 21st either but before I knew it, everything had been organised. Never really liked my own parties, at least with other people’s you can leave when you’re sick of relatives fighting/friends falling out with each other.

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life did give gift receipts, although I suspect my Mother would have taken me back to the “Stork” years ago :p

  3. LOL, I was trying to imagine your game face too for presents. I don’t know, I love surprises but I can’t really think of a bad one I’ve had. I might just end up doing this shared topic after all.

    • I’d like to think I’ve got better as I’ve grown up, not 100 percent sure though.

      Apart from “odd” birthday presents like socks with individual toes, decanters for someone who drank far too much as a teenager and a china doll for my 18th birthday when I never really liked dolls even as a little girl, I wouldn’t say I’ve ever had a bad surprise, I just hate not being in control of a situation.

  4. I also like to know what to expect, but I haven’t been questing/LFD’ing because of all the alts I’m going to level to 90. I used my beta-time for the talents and to get an idea of how the classes work now, since having to figure that all out on the spot would make me very anxious. Plus, now I know I’ll be prepared if I get ganked while questing!

    • I’ve limited my questing a bit, did all of Jade Forest but that was when the beta was first released and I think things have changed quite a bit and all of the Valley of the Four Winds plus chunks of a couple of the other zones but haven’t done everything. I have run the Temple of the Jade Serpent an awful lot though but I love the whole concept/fights so that should be ok.

      • Hehe, yeah, I was quite bummed that I hadn’t done any of the old quests there after I saw the redesign of the Jade Forest. And, well, good! I’ve been trying to read some tactics so I’ll be prepared but it’s a bit weird when you haven’t seen it in action at all.

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