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Inspired by a comment left by the Dancing Hare, I thought I’d dabble in SW:TOR and much to my surprise I am actually enjoying the story so far. It’s weird because I hated the gated fixed leveling zones in WoW but yet here I find myself sinking into the story telling rather than focusing on the fact that everyone playing my class experiences the same beginning. The fact that I’m playing solo probably helps, wanting to play say a Worgen and then being stuck for 14 levels when you want to quest with someone who refuses to play a Worgen got frustrating fast. Not sure how long the “ooh” factor will last but then since I really really really want to kill the guy who keeps giving me quests, I suspect I’ll be enthralled at least to the point where I either get to slaughter him or the game designers disappoint me by making him turn out to be okay after all.

I’m also playing through Dragon Age: Origins as a Mage yet again. I could pretty much do my harrowing in my sleep by this stage. Although what normally happens is I burn out by Ostagar and run off and make a new character but this time, I’m determined. I have goals in fact. I will actually finish the damn game, seduce Leliana and make Alistair marry Anora.

On the flip (WoW) side, I’ve found myself missing Sprout to the point of starting to sketch gnome faces, trying to decide whether a plushie would work best with a painted felt face or one built out of embroidery and fabric. Not convinced I actually miss playing the game though.

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  1. That’s the thing I love the most about SWTOR as well, the story elements. You really get invested in your character and the story. 🙂

    • I’m really torn at the moment, I want to make it off the first planet but I’m struggling to well care. The combat feels clunky, at least compared to playing a caster in WoW.

  2. I find I get so immersed in my character’s story I keep following the quests with no regard to suggested level. Oops! Dead. Then I remember to do some quests in the area to get to an appropriate level.

    I’m being a Jedi right now, someday I’ll have to get back to my Sith.

    • I do love the voice acting and yes, it took me a while to figure out that the quests actually had a level thingie. Round about the bit I died horribly in fact. Also I learnt the hard way that heroic quests aren’t meant to be done below the appropriate level and solo.

  3. Painted felt or embroidered fabric… both of those could look great!

    • I’m currently trying both, embroidery embellished with paint and I think it’s working. Although my imagination is over flowing at the moment with stuff I want to try so actually finishing things is a struggle.

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