20 Days of Warcraft – Day 2

Favourite race and why.

This was far harder than my favourite class. I kept thinking I’d settled on the answer only for my mind to change. In this fashion I tried Nightelves (the race I’ve primarily played), Trolls (I like the Lore/culture) and Gnomes (just plain awesome). Finally though based on a variety of criteria including architecture, NPCs, the look of their tabard and quest chains, I’ve picked the Forsaken.

They aren’t the race I play the most, in fact I’ve only got one high level Undead, a lv 71 priest but I’ve always been drawn to them. Undercity, it’s evil elevators apart is definitely one of my favourite cities. It’s got flavour, even if it’s the flavour of the grave. From the vivid oozing waters of the sewers to the piles of bones, it’s a fascinating place, made much more interesting by it’s Undead inhabitants. I have a particular soft spot for Apothecary Keever who is clearly a very bad man, lurking in his basement turning prisoners into squirrels and exploding sheep.

From the Dark Lady herself down to the most pitiful of the Forsaken, I feel that they all have stories to tell as well as some of the more tragic and compelling storylines in-game. Whether they are poisoning people’s pets, setting rats on them or just generally causing mayhem, they do it with a certain flair. Then there is their architecture, from Gothic structures with high towers and coffins in the basements to broken down buildings. Whilst I probably wouldn’t want to live in it, I find it to be strangely beautiful.

I’ve always been drawn to the macabre. I love reading horror stories especially in the winter months and I returned home from Mexico with a five foot wooden skeleton (called Francisco) so perhaps the answer was right in front of me all along.

Power to the Forsaken!

3 Responses

  1. Back in Vanilla – when I was horde – pretty much all of my characters were Forsaken. As you say, they have a very interesting back story, and even though I don’t RP I can always envision my characters story when I play a Forsaken.

    They’re definitely one of the more interesting races in the game (at least to me).

  2. I love their approach to life. Resigned, pragmatic, disciplined and very focused. That said, sometimes they do gross me out more than a bit – and I’m a bit taken aback by the lengths they’ll go to sometimes to get what they want!

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