All because the Lady loves ….

All because the Lady loves Priests.

This is Milkflay, my guilty secret. The name sneaked into my head one night whilst I was half asleep and got stuck. I knew I had to make her even if she never got higher than lv 1.

My entire server seem to be rolling alts right now. You can’t move without falling over a plethora of Troll Druids or a legion of Tauren Paladins. Everywhere I turn there are Gnome Priests lurking and I’ve spent quite a few happy hours killing Dwarf Shamans and Mages. Yet Tauren Priests seem completely unrepresented, so I rolled one.

She’s going to be shadow with possibly a Disc Smitelol offspec. Whether she makes 85 is in the lap of the Gods but in the meantime she’s great fun. I’d be amazed if she ever replaced Erinys as my main but hopefully levelling her as shadow will improve my overall understanding and comfort level with the spec. Up to this point, apart from levelling Erinys to 60 in Vanilla and a brief spell of honor farming also at 60 on my other Priest, I’ve hardly spent any time as Shadow at all. She’s also my first proper Tauren and this is the first time I’ve ever quested in Mulgore so it’s been a bunch of new experiences already.

So far I’m loving the new shadow orbs, the way they rise of the ground when they spawn is rather sinister and I can’t wait for Shadowform.

4 Responses

  1. Shadow cows! Something I never thought I’d see lol. I love the name, clever 😉

  2. Tauren Pallies represent, yo!

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