The Snowflower’s Blossom

Snowflower, my newest Priest has suddenly found her raison d’etre, no longer does she languish abandoned part way through a quest chain.


Instead she burns with purpose, driven by a need to leave behind the world she knows and explore what lies beyond the mist.

I’m not a huge fan of instanced start zones. My Death knights tend to get stuck early on because despite my love of being bad, I hate feeling trapped for so many levels and to be honest, stealing horses and slaughtering “innocents” who by their very nature can’t make lv 1s and call you names soon grows old. If only all NPCs were like a certain Miss Ellia Ravenmane. Gilneas was fun the first time around although the Goblin start zone had me feeling like I was playing the wrong game but the Pandaren start has some how managed to engage with me on a personal level. I won’t go into details as to why now because that’s a post and a half in it’s own right but somehow whilst wandering along, the atmosphere has managed to breathe life into character I was leveling for turtle mounts. She’s become a living breathing opinionated entity in her own right.


There is no one factor which has helped create this shift in her character, meeting the Great Turtle helped and of course the sheer beauty of the landscape played it’s part.


Ultimately though, the Forest of Staves was perhaps the biggest influence on her fledgling personality. Snowflower’s staff will never grow along side her ancestors but where-ever she ends up, she’ll carry their memories forever.


6 Responses

  1. I really get claustrophobia in starting areas like the Worgen and Goblin’s but did enjoy the Pandaren area. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve only done it once and a half, time will tell.

    Hi there little Snowflower!

    • She can’t wait until she grows up and beats up Snowblossom 😀

      I played through on the beta but it was so congested it was hard to get a feel for it. This was far more fun and quite relaxing.

  2. Absolutely lovely…a storybook

  3. Really like that archway doorway pic!

    • I have a secret fondness for framing pictures and that’s why I love these Pandaren gateways so much. They just seemed designed for screenshot taking. Lovely lush landscapes framed by decorative stone or jade, heaven!

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